Blessings Abound

Gary and I have been loving the opportunities to be out and about doing concerts and speaking engagements.  God has blessed us so, so, very much.  Our longing and desire is that ALL hear about Jesus love and grace and come to know Him as their personal Savior. We do a lot of events on grief, hurting, and how to allow God to heal those hurts.  However, I recently did an event in which I was allowed to speak on “Tell Me The Story of Jesus”, an evangelism topic and in both classes I really didn’t get to finish the story and though the participation was fabulous I felt that the class left before we could get into the “meat” of what it takes to talk to others about Jesus.  We would love to be able to do this class again with more time.

We are also trying to sell our house and God has given us a vision and a promise of a retreat for those that need time to just be still and spend time with Him.  So prayers for this project would be amazing.

God has opened many doors for us and the ministry is growing in directions that we had not realized it would go but we are grateful that God as always has been faithful and watched over us as we minister to others. Our thankfulness for your prayers is always on our mind.  We have many events coming up that are not posted yet because we are still confirming but we are looking forward to sharing with you all that God has put in our path.

We also pray for each of you that have given us your prayer requests and all that have been so supportive of this ministry.

Someone asked if we ever feel like we don’t need God because of the talent we have.  First of all, we need Him every second of every day and will always need Him.  Second, the talent comes from Him and Him alone and we are ever mindful of that fact.  It is all about Jesus and not about us at all.  We are His instruments not the other way around.

God bless you abundantly….



Adam Cook sent us an article on Substance Abuse: Worth your time to read.

Finding Treatment for Substance Abuse



The perceived cost of addiction treatment programs keeps many people from attempting to seek help or treatment for their substance abuse. Treatment programs, especially inpatient programs, are unaffordable for many people to pay out of pocket. As a result, although they who may wish to get help for their addiction, they don’t get treatment. However, these financially struggling individuals have a variety of options that can help, including outside funding and grants.


Outside Funding


For those with no insurance or low/no income, most states provide funding for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services at treatment. The patient must prove they’re a resident of the state, are lacking in insurance and income, are in need of treatment, and other criteria. Contact your local or state substance abuse agency for more information or use an online directory.


Many religious groups provide drug and alcohol recovery programs across the U.S., such as the Christian Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers and Harbor Light detox and residential centers. Other religious organizations offer support groups for people in rehab, such as Alcoholics Victorious and Christians in Recovery. Although these groups don’t provide medical detox, they require the patient to undergo detox before beginning the programs. The groups generally provide 12-step support or other counseling, religious motivation, and peer support. Most groups are free, but this isn’t a guarantee. To locate a center or group, speak with a leader of your faith (rabbi, minister, priest, etc.).


Some organizations offer scholarships or grants for treatment for people with low incomes. These opportunities are usually offered through private treatment facilities or through organizations that focus on helping addicts. Make a list of treatment facilities you are interested in, and contact them individually to determine whether or not they provide scholarships or grants. Even if insurance covers a percentage of your treatment, the facility may agree to cover the remaining balance.




Many treatment centers accept insurance. Although you should be aware of limitations and specifications – such as types of treatments and length of treatment – many insurance plans typically cover rehab and other addiction treatments. Also, insurance policies don’t typically classify addictions into “covered” and “noncovered” categories. If they cover one addiction, they cover all other addictions.


The Affordable Care Act requires that Medicaid programs and insurance policies issued through the marketplace must provide coverage for addiction treatment; however, you may still have a copay and/or deductible. Most private health insurance plans follow these same rules. Contact your insurance provider for specifics on your plan’s coverage.


Furthermore, most insurance companies cover maintenance medications, which are designed for people who have been through rehab or treatment, but can’t get to a normal level of functioning in the absence of drugs. For these people, chemical alterations in their bodies caused by drugs are severe, and they need medications in order to correct the imbalances to live a drug-free life. Usually, Medicare and Medicaid plans only cover these medications if it’s deemed vital for the ongoing health of the person in recovery. Again, speak with your provider for more information on your specific plan.


Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D programs may provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab treatments, including medical detox, counseling, and post-rehab support. They also typically cover inpatient and outpatient programs and partial hospitalization at hospitals and other approved treatment facilities. Regardless of whether Medicare coverage is due to age or disability status, these options are available.


Seek it Out


Don’t let lack of funds hinder you from living a happy and healthy life. If you want to find treatment for you substance abuse, seek out financial assistance opportunities. Ask a friend or family to help you with your research for funding. If you’re serious about treatment and put in a little effort, options are available to you.


We just got back from Alexandria, Indiana. This is the hometown of Bill and Gloria Gaither.  We were so blessed to spend 4 days of fellowshipping, singing and writing and learning with and from them.  Stuart Townend, the author of “How Deep My Father’s love” and “In Christ Alone” was an awesome personality as he shared his skills of songwriting and taught us so much, especially about congregational song writing. Dr. Michael Hawn gave us such a culture adventure teaching us songs from across the world.  And Babbie Mason and her awesome talent taught on the strategies to write a great song. Gloria Gaither the English teacher that she is…gave us solid basics about song writing.  These last four days were crammed with learning and getting better with using the talents that God has given us.  And though it was intensive learning, it was also a spiritual renewing and refresh and reset in what God is doing in our lives to glorify and reveal Him to others.

Revealing Him, sharing Him, praising Him….that is what this life is about.

Our hearts are full.

“From My Heart” has moved to a new time

Our radio show “From My Heart” on 92.7 FM KJAK has moved from 8 pm Sunday nights to Monday mornings at 9:30 am


January 1, 2018.  Significant for many reasons.  The beginning of a new year, dreams, goals and positive happenings.  But for Gary and I there is more…..our wedding anniversary.  This is our second anniversary as a married couple, and we see a very bright 2018 in store for G&G Ministries as well as for us as a team.  We have always seen ourselves as a team and we do things together as much as we can.  This is because we have come to realize that we complement each other in our talents and we get much more accomplished for God’s glory as a team. This year will be the first year that we will be recording songs that I have written, our producer Bonny McRae has put the music to and then Gary will be singing.  We are planning at the moment to go into the studio at the end of this month.

Then on February 3  we will be having the largest concert of G&G Ministries and it will also be a benefit for Women’s Protective Services a domestic violence shelter here in Lubbock, TX.  We are so excited about this concert as it will help so many people locally and we will be able to glorify God in ways other than through song.

Then we have our tour in England and Scotland coming in February and then home to a sweet concert at First Baptist Church Abernathy.  We love our life and what makes it special is that we both love the opportunities to watch God work and touch lives and save souls.  God is good…..very good….all the time.




I have been watching the lights go up in our neighborhood since mid-November. My husband, Gary would likely have been one of those. But my thoughts are that I want to be thankful and enjoy the Thanksgiving season before we focus on Christmas. I realize that I may be in the minority but once I expressed this to Gary he was thoughtful, reflective and jumped on my bandwagon. He gets super excited about the decorations and the thought of putting lights up and decorating the tree gets him going. However, if it were just me, I don’t know that I would even have a tree or decorations. They are just not important to me. When my kids were little I did all the things that the world expected but I think that Jesus would be just fine if I didn’t put up a tree or lights on the house.
This year we are not even going to give physical gifts to the kids, just grandkids. This year our gift to our kids is going to be a gift to a charity in town in honor of them. We have been given much and as my parents always told me “MUCH IS REQUIRED OF ME”. They even said that when we were dirt poor. Now it has more meaning for me and I wish that I had given it more attention and action through the years. There is nothing physical that I need this Christmas as God has blessed us beyond measure.
What I do desire more than anything on this earth is a closer walk with my Jesus and to have clarity and wisdom in Him. I want to give more to those that have less than I do and to live up to my parents words of “MUCH IS REQURED OF ME”.
I don’t know how realistic it is to think that I can live up to that expectation but I sure want to. I want so much for Christmas to be about Jesus and how he came to this world as a child to save me and you from sin. To come to earth and die and rise again for me and for you.
I pray that each of us do not get so caught up in the spirit of what the world sees as “Happy Holidays” and miss the glory of “Merry Christmas”.

Rev. Brian Barkley sent us a letter

I just wanted to share with you a portion of a letter we received from Rev. Brian Barkley, Pastor of First Baptist Church Edmonson, Texas. He has a history with Gary that started years ago when Brian was a Tech student and Gary was leading music.
He states in his letter
“Our area needs more ministries like yours. My prayer is that God will open many doors for you and your ministry and that revival will come to our churches and people will find restoration and salvation by the reconciliation that Jesus offers. May God bless both of you greatly.”
Thank you Brian for your encouragement and love for Christ.

Learning Everyday

I have tried to organize my schedule, do the time management thing that I know to do, get rest when I can and still get it all done. It is difficult most days. Every evening there seems to be activities after a long day of work. This week has been no exception. I have been praying that God help me DO IT ALL. I have come to the realization that the prayer is backwards. So I have now changed it to God as you are doing all show me where I fit in to your plans to help reveal You and share You with those around me. This switch in perspective has been helpful. Then last night I went to a women’s banquet at a local church and there was a magnet card that was given us and I have hung it by the computer today and it has been a tremendous help for me. It say…..1. YOU ARE GOD, I AM NOT. 2. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS, I AM NOT. YOU SEE ALL THINGS AND KNOW ALL THINGS. I DO NOT. 4. YOU ARE THE CREATOR AND I AM YOUR CREATION. 5. HELP ME TAKE MY HUMBLE PLACE BEFORE YOU.
I pray that as G&G Ministries continues to grow that I am used by God in the way that he has planned and that I do not get in the way of HIS plan.

God….what next!

Gary and I were at the Studio after a long drive from Dallas. It was definitely a long day but God got us through and blessed us so much. There are days like this where we should be absolutely exhausted but God gives us strength to do His work. I never in a million years thought that I could write a song and actually I don’t write the music just the words. Then Bonny, our producer, looks at what I have written and she puts the melody together and amazingly there is a song that we have collaborated together and it is amazing. Last night I watched the theme song to our radio come to life as people played their instruments and Gary sang his heart out as he always does. This song will be on our radio show in approximately two weeks. I tried to explain to God that I did not write music and He was very clear that He can do all things. So I have handed this to Him and we now actually have 2 more songs that will be recorded and be on the next CD. This ministry has been quite the ride and a journey that I never imagined, but it is fun and rewarding and God is being revealed and glorified. Our life has changed so much. I have written 2 books now and am working on the third one, we have 1 CD and working on the 2nd one that will probably be out in the Spring. We now have a radio show “From My Heart” on KJAK 92.7, that is allowing us to share what the churches in our area are doing and what artist and authors are doing. God has opened doors that has allowed us to perform concerts and do speaking engagements. He has opened the door to teach a class on Healing Hurts. Gary and I sometimes sit back and watch with wide eyes as we see Him working all around us. Gary is also helping our church get ready for the Christmas Cantata which is shaping up nicely and he is filling in at our church as the music director resigned and they are looking for a new director. As you can tell we are busy and we do get tired at times, but God does renew our strength and He allows us to have good health and to be able to do all that He has in His plans. We pray that we continue in His plans and that we do not get caught up in the busyness of it all but stay focused on Him. God….what next!

Healing Hurts class

Gary and I will be co facilitating a class ar Red Bud Baptist Church in Lubbock TX beginning October 2, 2017. We have been in prayer for this class for quite some time and will continue to be in prayer. The focus of the group is church hurt but other hurts are also welcome. I feel this is such a needed clas for a world that hurts and needs Christ above all else, Please join us as we allow God’s healing to occur.