Back to traveling

Due to illness, moving, cancellations due to COVID, it feels like we are getting back on the road more. If we can come and serve at your church we would love to.

This song has been on my mind a lot as we have been out more. You may have heard it. It is an old, old hymn called “Be Thou Near Me”

Be Thou Near To Me 

Oh Lord, I come with heart here open

For in my hour of darkness I may be

Seeking the joy of love unspoken

Oh Lord, be Thou near to me

Chorus:  And the holy voices sing Hallelu

              Ever will Thy reign be

              As I wander through this life

              Oh Lord, be Thou near to me

Tho’ in this burden of my making

Yet in the shadows still a Light I see

Maker whose love is not forsaken

Oh Lord, be Thou near to me

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