Gratitude Changes Us

Gratitude Changes Us

By Gloria Gaither


The joy of summer is the harvest, whether it be golden grains, the bounty from the vegetable gardens and orchards, or the armloads of blooms that border our yards.  The season of the summer of life, too, results in harvests that bring us joy:  children and grandchildren, enduring friendships, and well-established relationships with neighbors and our broader communities.


It is impossible to enjoy these joys without being grateful.  And when a roomful of dear friends and family gather to express their gratitude in stories and singing, games and crafts, something unforgettable is bound to happen.  Yes, when families bring the gift of time and bounty just to give thanks, to eat and talk together, and to sing our hearts out to God for all the blessings they have experienced, we are somehow changed.


It is really true that “the hand that gives, gathers.”  Whether times are sparse or abundant, let’s keep being generous with whatever blessings we have.  If we are blessed with good memories, share them.  If we have been given the gift of music or art or writing, sing or paint or write something to share.  If we are good at sports, an afternoon on the drive-way basketball court or the front yard football field is great for the heart, the body, and relationships!  Making something together around the cleared Thanksgiving table will unfailingly lead to the greatest conversation and lots of laughs.  Give what you have!  And enjoy and revel in the gifts of others. No matter how hard we try, we can never, never out-give the Lord!  Let’s live these end of summer days with an attitude of gratitude!

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