God….what next!

Gary and I were at the Studio after a long drive from Dallas. It was definitely a long day but God got us through and blessed us so much. There are days like this where we should be absolutely exhausted but God gives us strength to do His work. I never in a million years thought that I could write a song and actually I don’t write the music just the words. Then Bonny, our producer, looks at what I have written and she puts the melody together and amazingly there is a song that we have collaborated together and it is amazing. Last night I watched the theme song to our radio come to life as people played their instruments and Gary sang his heart out as he always does. This song will be on our radio show in approximately two weeks. I tried to explain to God that I did not write music and He was very clear that He can do all things. So I have handed this to Him and we now actually have 2 more songs that will be recorded and be on the next CD. This ministry has been quite the ride and a journey that I never imagined, but it is fun and rewarding and God is being revealed and glorified. Our life has changed so much. I have written 2 books now and am working on the third one, we have 1 CD and working on the 2nd one that will probably be out in the Spring. We now have a radio show “From My Heart” on KJAK 92.7, that is allowing us to share what the churches in our area are doing and what artist and authors are doing. God has opened doors that has allowed us to perform concerts and do speaking engagements. He has opened the door to teach a class on Healing Hurts. Gary and I sometimes sit back and watch with wide eyes as we see Him working all around us. Gary is also helping our church get ready for the Christmas Cantata which is shaping up nicely and he is filling in at our church as the music director resigned and they are looking for a new director. As you can tell we are busy and we do get tired at times, but God does renew our strength and He allows us to have good health and to be able to do all that He has in His plans. We pray that we continue in His plans and that we do not get caught up in the busyness of it all but stay focused on Him. God….what next!

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  1. This is scary but you are correct. God is good ALL the time. He WILL carry you through this.

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