But the Samaritan, as he traveled came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him (Luke 10:33)

When my friend Marji moved away it was hard. I have missed her terribly and this has been several years ago when she moved. It wasn’t until a few months after she moved that it hit me — why her friendship is such a gift. Simply put, she had time for me. I guess I don’t just mean time to talk on the phone, to chat over coffee or meet up with other friends. It’s more than that; she has the mental and emotional space to love well. She’s not so stressed and consumed with her own life that she has no time or energy for anyone lse. On the contrary, she has the capacity to be a good friend — to pray for me often to remember my appointments and concerns, to process and thnk through my questions and decisions.

I feel like this sort of friendship is very rare today. Most people (myself included) are so busy, so full, so preoccupied with our own plans, ministries, projects, and schedules.

But when I think on Scripture, I am deeply convicted. We should never be too busy to serve! Think back to the story, or perhaps read it in its entirety in Luke 10. Those who passed by the Samaritan — were they not ‘important’ people, on the way to ‘important’ work? I’m pained wondering how many people I pass by because I am ‘on a mission’ — simply too consumed with my own life to stop and help.

I do a lot of good work. My life is jam-packed, in fact, with noble projects and important events and all the things that I accomplish. But are these things interfering with my ablity to stop and hlp someone in need? Am I too stressed, too busy, too overwhelmed, too distracted to be a true friend to the people in front of me?

Thank about Jesus. The Lord of the Universe, The Savior of the World! And he had time to talk with little children, to dine with sinners, to pause and heal the crippled. I heard someone once say, “Jesus was never in a hurry.” I don’t know that we can fully confirm that! But from the overall theme of the Gospels, it does seem to be the case that when people in His path needed help, He could stop and help without acting bothered or inconvenienced.


Lor, thank you for the full, busy lives You allow us to live, for the many projects and jobs we can do. But Father, may my good works and important schedule never become so pressing that I lack the ability to be a good friend. Slow me down, Lord. Open my eyes to those in need, and convict me deeply to treat them as You would have treated them

In Jesus Powerful Name,


What Next?:

Evaluate your schedule. Do you have the margin in your life o stop and help your neighbor? If not, stop and pray that the Lord would help you see what you may be able to say “no” to in order to say “yes” to your neighbor well.

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