Exciting Times Ahead

Gary and I have bought our dream of an old farmhouse with 5 acres.  Every inch of this barndiminum needs to be transformed and loved. In other words it is a major fixer upper.  We have completed three… Read More

Apologies for not being online for so long

We have had so much going on and we haven’t had access to our computer.  We have moved to a beautiful 5 acres with an ugly house on it.  We were living in motels for 7 weeks before… Read More

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

We have had a busy year and are amazed that we are heading to the end of April.  We had the opportunity to go to Nashville, TN and record another CD.  We met some amazing people while we… Read More

The Day After Thanksgiving

There are so many preparations and things to look forward to for this holiday.  I can remember years that I felt so exhausted that being with others was not all that enjoyable.  I love my children, siblings, grandchildren… Read More

Prayer Warriors

I received a card in the mail the other day that has meant so very much to me. It said “You’re being remembered today in prayer before a God who deeply cares about you.”  Then in someone’s personal… Read More

Blessings Abound

Gary and I have been loving the opportunities to be out and about doing concerts and speaking engagements.  God has blessed us so, so, very much.  Our longing and desire is that ALL hear about Jesus love and… Read More

Adam Cook sent us an article on Substance Abuse: Worth your time to read.

Finding Treatment for Substance Abuse     The perceived cost of addiction treatment programs keeps many people from attempting to seek help or treatment for their substance abuse. Treatment programs, especially inpatient programs, are unaffordable for many people… Read More


We just got back from Alexandria, Indiana. This is the hometown of Bill and Gloria Gaither.  We were so blessed to spend 4 days of fellowshipping, singing and writing and learning with and from them.  Stuart Townend, the… Read More

“From My Heart” has moved to a new time

Our radio show “From My Heart” on 92.7 FM KJAK has moved from 8 pm Sunday nights to Monday mornings at 9:30 am


January 1, 2018.  Significant for many reasons.  The beginning of a new year, dreams, goals and positive happenings.  But for Gary and I there is more…..our wedding anniversary.  This is our second anniversary as a married couple, and… Read More