The Day After Thanksgiving

There are so many preparations and things to look forward to for this holiday.  I can remember years that I felt so exhausted that being with others was not all that enjoyable.  I love my children, siblings, grandchildren and all family and friends.  Though I am thankful for each of them it can sometimes be too much to cook, clean, prepare and try to visit with each one the way I want to.

This year we decided to do something different. We served others by serving food at a shelter and then we went to a gathering in a small town that has had a yearly Thanksgiving feast since the end of WWII.  It was wonderful.  People drove from all around to go to this gathering.  The food was amazing and there was some uniqueness that I was not familiar with.  They had the regular Turkey and dressing but because this was a German settlement from years ago they also had homemade sour kraut and homemade sausage. There were many people there that we knew and it was fun to visit with people that we had not seen in a while. By the time we got home we were not exhausted and felt like visiting with family that came over that night.

Thanksgiving this year was different and it was a very good different.

We both have had a very blessed year with this ministry and in our personal lives.  We didn’t realize that there would be friends that would fall by the wayside due to jealousy, arrogance, negativity and gossip due to this ministry.  However, we have gained new friends that we have no doubt God placed in our lives. Friends that understand the nature of this business and ministry.  It has been a year to be thankful for in so many areas of our life that as we began to list our blessings we became very humbled by how our creator has smiled down on his creations.

Thank you Lord for each of the blessings that You have allowed us to have and for the supports that you have placed in our life and a Thanksgiving to be restful, reflective and enjoy.

Next month is the last month of the year and there is much to be done as we have three concerts coming up and various Christmas parties. I love that God has opened so many doors for us to serve Him.



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