We just got back from Alexandria, Indiana. This is the hometown of Bill and Gloria Gaither.  We were so blessed to spend 4 days of fellowshipping, singing and writing and learning with and from them.  Stuart Townend, the author of “How Deep My Father’s love” and “In Christ Alone” was an awesome personality as he shared his skills of songwriting and taught us so much, especially about congregational song writing. Dr. Michael Hawn gave us such a culture adventure teaching us songs from across the world.  And Babbie Mason and her awesome talent taught on the strategies to write a great song. Gloria Gaither the English teacher that she is…gave us solid basics about song writing.  These last four days were crammed with learning and getting better with using the talents that God has given us.  And though it was intensive learning, it was also a spiritual renewing and refresh and reset in what God is doing in our lives to glorify and reveal Him to others.

Revealing Him, sharing Him, praising Him….that is what this life is about.

Our hearts are full.

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