“From My Heart” KJAK 92.7 at 8 pm tonight

Tonight’s radio program features our friend Reverend Don Chaffin. He will be speaking out about the IMAGINE~INVIGORATE~IMPACT Senior Conference on October 7th at the Overton Hotel. Tickets are $10 and breakfast is included. There will also be door prizes and limited seating. You can get tickets at gandgministries.org or you can contact Gary or Gayla through our email gandgministries3@gmail.com or Facebook. Don is a retired preacher who has a lot of insight about Seniors and there is still a role to be filled in God’s service. The Radio Show “From My Heart” is on KJAK 92.7 FM at 8:00 pm. every Sunday evening.

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  1. We do have guest writers from time to time. Would love to hear from you.

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